Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC230 230VAC

Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC230 230V AC

Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC230 230VAC

Cars, SUVs and Utility Vehicules

Engines up to 6000 c.c.

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The ECC230 Engine Carbon Cleaner assures a preventive treatment of the accumulation of the carbon deposits inside the engine, EGR system and FAP-Particules filter.

The fuel we use leave carbon residues in the engine that gradually stick into internal parts creating carbon build up. This process leads to inneficiency in combustion, causing higher fuel consumption, higher carbon emissions and higher wearing of engine parts. This means higher costs in future repairs


Technical details ECC230

Voltage: 230V AC

Power: 1200W

HHO Gas Output Max: 800 l/h

Max. Pressure: 0,2 kg/cm2

Max. Water Consumption: 0,20 l/h

Water Tank Capacity: 20 liters

Autonomy: 100 hours

Dimensions - L x l x h: 400 x 500 x 700 mm

Weight: 35 kg

Cleaning Time versus Engine Size

1 hour cleaning: engines up to 4 liters engine

1,5 hours cleaning: engines up to 6 liters engine


Our machines have a 2 years warranty.


Delivery time

The machines are shipped in 2 days. Transit time for delivery 5 days.



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