Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC570 230VAC

Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC570

Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC570 230VAC

Cars and Trucks

Engines up to 22500 c.c.

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Cars, SUVs, Utility Vehicules and Trucks

Electrical outlet connection to 220V AC


Technical details ECC570

Voltage: 230V AC

Power: 4000 W

HHO Gas Output Max: 2250 l/h

Max. Pressure: 0,2 kg/cm2

Max. Water Consumption: 0,625 l/h

Water Tank Capacity: 32 liters

Autonomy: 50 hours

Dimensions - L x l x h: 50x50x90 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Cleaning Time versus Engine Size

30 minutes: engines up to 7,5 liters engine

1 hour cleaning: engines up to 15 liters engine

1,5 hours cleaning: engines up to 22,5 liters engine


We offer a warranty on the machines and its accessories, against defects in materials and/or manufacturing, for a period of four (4) years from the date of purchase. If a warranty claim is received during this four-year period, we will take one or more measures to remedy it:

(a) replacement of the defective part with an equivalent or new part within 24 hours;

(b) repair of the problem by one of our technicians within 2 days;

(c) replacement of the machine with a new machine within 7 days;


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The machines are shipped in 2 days. Transit time for delivery 5 days.



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