Our Company - HHO PLUS

In HHO Plus Ltd we take pride in our work, only offering products that have been thoroughly tested and with proven results. We work very hard to make sure that all our customers arefuel level satisfied.

HHO Plus Limited, is a research-driven company dedicated to the development and manufacture of hydrogen generators and related electronic products.

At HHO Plus® we have been involved with HHO Hydrogen-On-Demand Technology development for the past 12 years, in an effort to do our share helping to reduce fuel consumption and preserve the environment. It has taken great deal of work and research to produce one of the most efficient, practical and reliable Hydrogen Systems available on the market today. We produce high quality hydrogen carbon cleaning machines at a very competitive price, produced in Europe with only european parts.

We offer 5 days a week customer support to answer all your questions or help you with your instalation:

Mobile phone: 913776638 

 Telephone: +351 244697116
(Monday to Friday, 9.00-18.00h, London Hour)

E-mail: sales@hhoplusgas.com


Production and Delivery in Europe and Worldwide:

HHO Plus, Alternative Energies, Ltd

Zona Industrial Vieira de Leiria

Rua Manuel Joaquim Afonso Lote 10 

2430-837 Vieira de Leiria


CEO - Production and Finance: Frederico Ribeiro
CEO - Shipping and Marketing: Miguel Moleirinho

Technical and Customer Support
: Sandra Branquinho
Production Department: Davide Moita and Telmo Lavos


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You are welcome to visit us in our facilities! Thank you



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