HHO PLUS - Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaners 2021
HHO Engine decarbonizing Cleaning Machines. EUROPE

HHO Engine decarbonizing Cleaning Machines. EUROPE

Save money on expensive repair parts, like EGR Valve, Turbo and DPF Filter.

HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines Cars and Trucks Europe

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner

Innovative hydrogen-based treatment that restores your car's power and performance... reduces fuel costs and lowers carbon emissions!

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner

Extend the life of your engine. Save money on expensive repair parts, like EGR Valve, Turbo and DPF Filter. Reduce fuel consumption up to 18%. With one or more treatments with our Carbon Cleaners, your car will be brought back to the initial conditions when you bought it for the first time.

The main results are:
- Power increase and better acceleration performance
- Stable idling and less noise
- Important fuel saving (>18%)
- Less harmful exhaust emissions
/ reduction of CO of 96.5%, CO2 of 23.6% and HC of 71.42%.


How does it work?

In simple terms, our machines produce hydrogen and oxygen from water, simple gases that are directed towards the engine combustion chamber, via the air intake manifold, where they mix with your usual carbon based fuel (petrol, diesel) and are both ignited.

The highest calorific power of the hydrogen makes possible to increase slightly the combustion temperature, creating the right conditions to burn, disaggregate and eliminate carbon deposits. The hydrogen restores the surface soft carbon deposition and form carbon-based substances that are easier to burn (HC). The combustion of these substances is fast and increased by the presence of more oxygen in the combustion chamber.

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner

In your car we simply insert the hose of the machine into the air intake manifold. Start both engine and machine and let it work for more or less one hour, depending on the level of soot in the engine and exhaust system. One hour later the cleaning process is finished and your car will feel just like you bought it for the first time.


Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner


Our Carbon Cleaners WorkStations

We have solution for any car, van, bus or truck making it possible to achieve the best results. Please  click  below in our available models:


Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC160

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC230

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC320

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC570



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